Concept of Woman in Georgian and English Phraseological Units


  • Ana Tsikhistavi Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University



Concept, Proverb, Woman, Culture, Attitude


The modern culturological and linguocultural approach to the concept considers it, first of all, as a concept of spiritual value. "Concepts, as mental units, are not only understood, but also incurred, more precisely, there is an emotional attitude of sympathy and antipathy towards them," Stepanov said. The concept is represented by a number of linguistic synonyms, thematic fields, proverbs, folklore and literary stories, behavioral stereotypes, material culture objects, etc., which indicate the importance of relevant concepts in human life.The combination of such concepts creates a conceptual field of language, where the culture of the nation is integrated, I.e. it is a combination of linguistic and cultural knowledge. From the conceptual sphere one learns the worldview of the language owner.Given paper discusses the concept of woman.We live in an age of feminism. Unexpectedly, the world seems to be moving towards matriarchy at a natural pace, but we must not forget that this process has not always been so active. In this regard, it is interesting what they thought about the previous issue. The representation of women's role and function-duties in the historical context is formed by the expressions that have come down to us.The study material includes samples of ten proverbs from both Georgian and English. By comparing and contrasting phraseological units, we have the opportunity to evaluate the development of two cultures at the epoch-making level and to identify the similarities and differences between them, which are mostly manifested in the form of attitudes towards women. In some cases, it even hints at a change in the discriminatory approach.Moreover, we will understand which qualities of a woman are emphasized by different authors. The aim of the research is to understand the role of women in Georgian and Western culture in the past and the current situation in this regard. The answer will also be given to the question of what was the result of the nonhomogenous attitudes of the two cultures towards women.The presented samples are of interest not only thematically, but also semantically, as they show diversity in this regard.


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