Literary Text Constructing Possibility


  • Nunu Geldiashvili Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University



text construction, repetition, logical unity of text, short stories


Nowadays, the study of a text, as the highest communication unit of language and speech, complex speech act and its structural and functional aspects, is quite relevant, as any type of text functions in specific speech act. Among the possibilities of text construction, identifying the means of component (constituents of text or metatexts) interconnection is one of the important tasks. Lexical and semantic repetitions (of words or word combinations) are also discussed next to the components such as tense and mood forms of a verb, inserted words and expressions, synonyms or antonyms, and pronoun substitutions. And the goal of our research is to discuss these lexical and semantic repetitions in literary texts. We tried to analyze these forms in short stories, that are mainly characterized by short, laconic and dynamic narration style and distinguished by their specific rhythm. Thus, in our research we study the repetition as one of the linguistic possibilities of constructing Georgian literary text and, as we have already mentioned it is also considered as one of the means of component (text or metatexts) interconnection that forms the logical unity in a text. Based on the study results, it can be concluded that verb predominates among the repeated lexical units (32%), and then comes the noun -27%; adjective - 5%; adverb - 14%; particle size - 8% and all the other units comprises 14%.According to the research findings, the following units were used for logical coherence in the text and its components: 1. repetitions of one and the same lexical units and 2. repetitions of word combinations; Both, contact (existing in the neighboring sentence) and remote (after one or more sentences) repetition patterns were found in the study materials.We have also found interesting examples of repetition of anaphora and anadiplosis; repetition of identical words or the words made up of the same stems. Special attention was paid to the repetition of phrases and word combinations; examples of repetition of several lexical units, words or phrases at the same time was significant.Based on the research, it can be clearly stated that using the repetition in short stories, as one of the possibilities of connecting and forming the logical unity of text components, is also uniquely explicit (visible) but not implicit (invisible);Some linguists consider it as a strong form while others contradict this idea. At this point, we refrain from making a final appraisal, though, apparently, it seems like a pretty strong unit.


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