Some Stylistic Aspects of Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales

Some Stylistic Aspects of Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales


  • Shorena Lazviashvili



stylistics, stylistic analysis, literary terms, Oscar Wilde, fairy tales


Nowadays stylistic analysis of prose fiction is quite actual, as with the help of the studies we are able to identify the writing style of a writer and figure out his/her characteristics; also to study the individual traits of writer’s works.  On the basis of the stylistic studies, we can find out what stylistic devices or literary terms are used by the author; what makes his works so emotive, expressive and distinctive. Given article deals with the stylistic aspects of one of the famous English poets and writers Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales. For the research we have chosen the “The Happy Prince”, “The Selfish Giant”, “The Nightingale and the Rose”, “The Devoted Friend” . In the given work we tried to investigate and study the characteristic features of his works, the writer’s writing style and language of the tales and those stylistic devices which are used in above mentioned fairy-tales. Based on the research of the fairy-tales revealed that Oscar Wilde’s writing style is really distinctive and impressive as he uses a variety of literary or stylistic devices, that catches a reader’s attention. It should be mentioned that his lingual abilities are limitless and they are characterized by great emotiveness and expressiveness; consequently, he makes a strong impression on readers and makes them feel a part of the story. It is worth mentioning that Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales are based on personification, as there we find a great variety of its examples. There are also used repetition, parallel constructions and metaphors. Wilde, with his individual imagery and metaphorical style, immerses the reader in a sea of emotions, as his fairy tales are distinguished by the strong emotiveness and expressiveness. Those legendary fairy tales can obviously be considered as the greatest gift for readers, as he perfectly builds an emotional connection between the reader and characters.


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Author Biography

Shorena Lazviashvili

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University


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