The Dominance of Metonymic Narrative in Contemporary Georgian Postmodern Poetry

The Dominance of Metonymic Narrative in Contemporary Georgian Postmodern Poetry


  • Nino Gogiashvili Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University image/svg+xml



Metonymy, Postmodernism, Poetry, Georgian, Dominance


   Metaphorical artistic forms are replaced by metonymic artistic forms in current literary texts. The axis of paradigmatic thinking is replaced by the syntagmatic one, the metaphorical poetic style turns into a metonymic prose style. In poetry, the conventional verse is replaced by verlibre - the same as free verse. Metaphor, in its traditional sense and all its equipment, is already redundant for modern literary language. Metonymic dominance is clearly felt here – namely, metaphor is replaced by metonymy as its variant, not as its polar opposite. Metonymy allows one term to be replaced by another. The use of metonymy in literary texts is much easier than in colloquial speech. Postmodernist aesthetics accommodates much wider metonymy. The definition of metonymy originates from the Latin word and translates as "taking a new name". The word takes on a new meaning and the language is enriched with new matches. Contemporary Georgian postmodernist literature and, in particular, poetry, exists and develops in terms of the dominance of metonymic discourse; And if we can talk about literary metamorphosis, we should present its metonymy as one of the hallmarks. The metonymic form of the modern text is the relevant "vessel" in which the qualitatively new, modern text is "poured". Based on the classical form-content paradigm, all content finds its form; In this paper, I tried to state the suggested viewpoint with the help of the corresponding examples of the texts by contemporary Georgian poets.


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ბაძაღუა თ. თამაზ ბაძაღუა, ლექსები, ინტერნეტ საიტი Poetry,

გოჩიაშვილი ე. ელა გოჩიაშვილი, არმური -ლიტარენა, უფრო კი - ბიბლიოთეკა,

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თოფურია თ. თეა თოფურია - „როგორც არ უნდა მოინდომო“ და სხვ. ლექსები“... საზოგადოებრივ-ლიტერატურული ჟურნალი „არილი“, 2015, 30 დეკემბერი,

კაიშაური რ. რუსუდან კაიშაური, არმური -ლიტარენა, უფრო კი - ბიბლიოთეკა,

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ჩხეტიანი თ. თემურ ჩხეტიანი, ინტერნეტ საიტი, იკითხე ჩვენთან ერთად,

ჯავახაძე ვ. ვახტანგ ჯავახაძე, ლექსები, ინტერნეტ საიტი „ლიტკლუბი“,




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