• Khatire Kerimova




Mirza Kazembek, Russian Oriental studies, Azerbaijan, Turkology, grammar of the Azerbaijani language, oriental languages


The article is dedicated to the great Azerbaijani orientalist, founder and patriarch of Russian Oriental studies Mirza Kazembek and his indissoluble ties with the Motherland. At the age of 19, he had to live away from his family and homeland. He lived in Astrakhan, then in Kazan and in St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that he lived and worked away from Azerbaijan, but all the time he was inextricably linked with his Homeland, worrying and worrying about it. Of particular value are the works of Mirz Kazimbek on the study of the life and work of Azerbaijani poets and writers. The scientist focuses on the life and work of such great Azerbaijani poets as Nizami Ganjavi, Muhammad Fizuli, Khagani Shirvani, as well as the founder of Azerbaijani drama Mirza Fathali Akhundov. Mirza Kazembek’s scientific works on the history, philosophy, jurisprudence, literature, linguistics of the peoples of the Muslim East are unsurpassed examples in the field of Russian Oriental studies. He was the first linguist who introduced the Azerbaijani language to the scientific community on a scientific basis for the first time. Thus, the "Grammar of the Turkish-Tatar language", which was published in Kazan in 1839, was a major event not only in domestic, but also in world Turkology. This was the world's first experience of presenting the grammar of Turkic languages using comparative analysis, where the rules of phonetics, morphology and syntax of the Ottoman Turkish language are compared with the rules of the "Tatar" (Kazan, Siberian, Orenburg Tatars), as well as Azerbaijani languages. Mirza Kazembek's "Grammar of the Turkish-Tatar language" was highly appreciated by representatives of Russian and world Oriental studies. This work has long remained the main manual for the study of the Turkish language not only in Russia, but also in the world. His works are recognized, translated and studied all over the world.


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Author Biography

Khatire Kerimova

The Institute of Manuscripts named after Muhammed Fizuli

National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan



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