Psycho-Linguistic Aspects of Gender Vocabulary in Female Characters (Based on the American Animated Movie)

Psycho-Linguistic Aspects of Gender Vocabulary in Female Characters (Based on the American Animated Movie)


  • Manana Garibashvili
  • Shorena Lazviashvili



American Tail, animated movie, femininity, gender vocabulary, linguistic analysis, psychological, linguistic aspects


In general, animated films are very interesting resources carrying the educational and upbringing functions. In addition, animated movies are rich in cultural elements that are an interesting visualization of the identity of a country or a nation.Animation has a long history of development. It is noteworthy to mention that the golden age of American animated art originated in 1928 and lasted until the 60s.The aim of the study is to provide a linguistic analysis of the linguistic aspects of gender, in particular femininity based on the American animated movie “American Tail” directed by Don Bluth in 1986 .The paper mainly uses qualitative research, observation and analysis methods, which allowed us to observe and analyze in detail the psycho-linguistic aspects of femininity in the speech of female characters.


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