Evaluation of Wine Parameters and the Georgian National Mentality Expressed in Them

Evaluation of Wine Parameters and the Georgian National Mentality Expressed in Them





Evaluation of Wine Parameters, inspected periodically/ tasting, vocabulary and phraseology, Georgian National Mentality, linguistic and cultural paradigm


 In the thematic classification of vocabulary and phraseology, one of the significant segments is the group related to the quality of wine, which, undoubtedly, indicates that this issue is very important for Georgians mentally. For example, the sayings: wine like chrism, demon's blood, baptized wine, icon wine, wine of Noah's vine, wine of dignity,... creates a feeling and a general picture that the world of these people are organically connected with the production and consumption of wine; They reflect their spiritual and physical state in relation to wine, at the same time, they express a special attitude towards wine and do not limit themselves to describing it as just a drink.

It is well known fact that wine making is a long and continuous process. In order to achieve the best quality of wine, it needs to be inspected periodically, i.e. to lead the organoleptic analysis or tasting. Our task is to investigate what parameters were used to evaluate the wine during the process of making wine and which lexical units/phraseological expressions were used at that time; How rich is the Georgian language in this regard, what linguistic possibilities it has and what mental qualities of the Georgian nation are gathered/conceived in them; What linguistic and cultural paradigm is formed by this relation.

The analysis confirms that Georgians have always attached great importance to the quality of wine, which was clearly reflected in the lexical fund of the language, especially in phraseology, because it is in them that the nation's mentality, material and spiritual culture is best preserved/reflected. Indeed, once again the truth is understood that "language is the soul of a nation and the soul of a nation is its language" (Humboldt).


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