Project-based learning, its role and importance

Project-based learning, its role and importance


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The education system plays a major role in the era of modern globalization, in the process of formation and development of a civilized society. Modern education, high-quality learning and acquisition of appropriate knowledge is a social requirement. This requirement is met at each step using various progressive methods. Project-based teaching is one of the important, progressive, and relevant methods of modern teaching. This method has undergone a certain evolution over the years, but its main essence remains unchanged: in the process of teaching with this method, students' interests are aroused, concentrated and stimulated in relation to specific problems and their solutions. It is based on the development of students' cognitive ability and the level of critical and creative thinking through orientation in the modern information space.

In order to better study and implement the modern teaching method, project teaching method, research was conducted on the mentioned topic during the academic year. Relevant literature was studied. Discussion of the legal framework and the experience of existing studies. An observation was made. Focus group selection, survey. Data were collected during observation. Available data, survey and observation results were sorted and processed. The results were analyzed and based on that intervention was made. Priorities were outlined. During the research process, there was active cooperation between the teachers. The discussion on subject chairs was in progress. Feedback was clear, specific and easy to understand. An interesting discussion was also held on the shortcomings of the project teaching method.

The process and result of the research showed once again that the main goal of teaching with such a method is to develop the creative and intellectual ability of students, so that they have more self-realization, independent thinking ability, to make important decisions.

As the Chinese proverb says: "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember, turn on and I'll understand."


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