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Goletiani , M., Tomadze , G., Megreladze , A., G., Imnadze , N., & Sesitashvili , T. (2023). SURGICAL TREATMENT ANDCHEMICAL SPLANCHNICECTOMY FORPANCREATITIS CAUSED BY CHOLE-AND WIRSUNG LITHIASIS. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 57–60. Retrieved from


The article presents 4 cases of chronic pancreatitis dueto chole – or Wirsung lithiasis from our clinic during the last5 years: 2 of them had Wirsung duct stone induced pancre-atitis; 2 of them – pancreatitis induced by stones in the com-mon bile duct (CBD). All patients underwent surgery: 2 pa-tients underwent cholecystectomy (2 patients had previouslyundergone cholecystectomy), all four patients underwentsupraduodenal choledochotomy, duodenotomy, papilloto-my. 2 patients were diagnosed with dilated Wirsung ductwith stones in it, who underwent wirsungotomy and evacu-ation of the stone with a thin N3 Fogarty probe. In bothcases, the operation ended with Wirsungo-duodenoplasty.The above action sets the prospect of creating more mobileand elastic probes from which wirsungography and stoneevacuation can be performed simultaneously. Persistent painduring chronic pancreatitis is a common problem that wors-ens a patient’s quality of life. In order to alleviate the pain in2 patients, we used introduced in 1978 at the Surgery Scien-tific-Research Institute of Kharkov the so-called Chemicalsplanchnicectomy by Grander-Solomon method using 5%sol. Heamoroli (phenolic oil solution) with 20-20 ml injectionin both sides of the right and left solar plexus, which signif-icantly reduces the intensity of pain. Though we think thatsurgical splanchnicectomy will be more effective and willhave a longer effect.


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