A Modern View of Human Tooth Roots Apical Morphology (Literary Data Analysis)

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Mamaladze, M., Sanodze, L., Ustiashvili, M., & Vadachkoria , O. . (2022). A Modern View of Human Tooth Roots Apical Morphology (Literary Data Analysis). COLLECTION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF TBILISI STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, 55, 99–105. https://doi.org/10.52340/csw.2021.55.001


Many anatomical landmarks and their corresponding terminology can be found in the scientific and educational literature that characterize the apical third of tooth roots. They are often used in the subsequent description of the clinical situation to carry out treatment procedures and predict the outcome of the disease. The morphology of the apical third of the root canals has always been the subject of research. The use of electron-scanning and stereo microscopes in the study of the apical third have become a new challenge for both researchers and practicing dentists. This method of research allows not only to determine the location, shape, size and quantity of the anatomical hole, but also to characterize the morphology of the most hidden details of its lumen accurately. A study of the literature revealed that a number of studies have been devoted to the study of Intradont architectonics. At different times, apical thirds of different groups of teeth were examined under a scanning and stereo microscope in various countries. Our literature analysis revealed many interesting and mutually exclusive facts. Noteworthy is different (heterogeneous) terminology of the morphological elements of the apical part of the root, which complicates the theoretical understanding of the issue and its application in clinical practice. The abovementioned demonstrates not only the importance of conducting such research in Georgia and its need. However, studying the apical thirds of the tooth roots that will be the target of our future.



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