Issues of learning and education in the works of Aleksandre Kipshidze

Issues of learning and education in the works of Aleksandre Kipshidze




publicist, seminary, Russification policy, Press, education


      The famous publicist and public figure of the 19th century, Aleksandre Kipshidze, who is known in the history of the Georgian press under the pseudonym Froneli, after graduating from the four-class theological school of Gori, studied at the Tbilisi theological seminary. While studying at the seminary, he participated in the publication of the handwritten magazine of the disciples, “Infant brain”;. During his studies at the seminary, Aleksandre Kipshidze wrote the poem “Thought” and “God”. He signed under the pseudonym of Godoria. “Godoria” was the pseudonym of Aleksander’s older brother Gregory. It is possible that he took this pseudonym as a sign of respect for his brother, and this is not surprising. He was always proud of his brother, tried to share his thoughts. While studying at the seminary in 1879-1882, Aleksandre Kipshidze wrote “;Diaries of a Seminarian”, which describes the events in the seminary. Aleksandre Kipshidze did not like the regime in the seminary. The Russification policy reigned, the majority of teachers were Russian monarchists, Georgian language and literature were given only one lesson a week. It was forbidden to read Georgian books and magazines in the seminary. Those who read it were severely punished. But, despite this, Al.Kipshidze systematically read Georgian books and magazines. Since 1889, Aleksandre Kipshidze became a permanent employee of “Iveria”. On the pages of the newspaper, he often spoke about the necessity of education. He pointed out that, the nation will fall in spirit and heart if education in the country is not at the proper level. He considered illiteracy to be the destructive force of the nation. Aleksandre Kipshidze told us what the situation was in Tbilisi Governorate, how many schools there were, how many students were studying, and among them how many were Georgians and how many representatives of different nationalities, how much was spent on education and upbringing, etc.


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Maka Dolidze, David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia



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