Continues taking articles according to this requests:

  1. Text must be gathered in Word, size of Sylfaen font 12, interval between lines – 1.5; borders in right and left side – 3 and 2 sm. Also, up and down borders – 2,5 and 2,5 sm. Text must be picked up without transferring. Tables should be in JPEG. The minimal size of article is 5 pages of A4 format.
  2. The first name of author, last name, scientific rank and post, coordinates (telephone number, e-mail).
  3. 3. The article must have reziume in Georgian and English languages. The size should be 120- 150 words, it must be picked up in sylfaen, size of font – 12. Scientific article must have list of used literature.
  4. The article may be published in English, Russian, German languages. So, it is also our request to prepare resume in Georgian and English languages too.

The price of article’s publication is one page of Journal 10 Gel (lari). And author will pay this price after getting positive respond. Also, the price of Journal is 10 GEL (lari). For foreign authors the full tax of the article is 50 USD equivalent in GEL.


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