Mythic view of the Universe and Religious-philosophical Consciousness


  • Kakha Ketsbaia Doctor of Philosophy, Academician of the Academy of Philosophical Sciences of Georgia.Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Universitty, Associate Professor Departament of Sociology (Georgia)



The science has asserted the fact that the earth is round like a ball for a very long time. Today, even the third-year pupil knows it, but it would be better if we considered the one of the oldest mythic truth, according to which the earth is flat, with more attention! In ancient times people had no doubts of truth of this statement. There was a time when such a notion was the only model of cosmic and human existence, and it was truth for millions of people. There were famous erudites, thinkers, military or political statesmen among them, and what is more, spiritual fathers of mankind, great religious authorities, clergymen, who shared the same idea. Hence, it would be quite right to raise question whether this assertion of our ancestors contains some valuable, necessary by today’s criteria information, or this everything is the result of weakness and stupidity of human mind, which evokes only the smile for contemporaneousness and nothing more. But the later is less acceptable. We can acknowledge that our ancestors were not so unintelligible and retarded not to know that earth was not flat, but round! They specially masked it, attached sacral, esoteric meaning to it, and covered the real essence of matter with poetic, mythic images. But on its side the later kept the information of great sacral importance (let’s remember what kind of sacral and esoteric meaning was attached to numbers by Pythagoreans and with what respect they kept numerous secrets connected to them. It is known from history of philosophy, how one of Pythagoreans killed himself because he had given away the secret of number N.) Our ancestors should have known that besides this world (such dimension) there is some other universe, having another dimension, or without any dimension at all – in the aspect of super dimension (“The kingdom of heaven”, “Paradise”) The earth is flat! It stands on three whales, and these whales themselves stand on turtle.


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