Rules for the admission of research papers :

       Dear colleagues, thank you for choosing to submit your article for publication in the Caucasus & World magazine!

         The magazine covers the following disciplines: Philosophy, History, Geopolitics, Political Science, Conflict Studies, International Relations, Law, Philology, Sociology, Psychology, Archaeology, Ethnography, Anthropology, Religion, Pedagogy, Geography.

       To ensure a smooth completion of the review, editing and publication stages, please note that by submitting your article to Caucasus & World, you agree to any necessary originality checks that your article may undergo during the review and editing stages and thereby confirm that it is an original work and that neither this manuscript nor its version have been published or considered for publication elsewhere.

      The journal accepts for publication original articles, reviews, scientific papers not previously published in scientific journals.

       The editorial board maintains correspondence with the author. All incoming articles undergo a preliminary review and at this stage the article may be returned to the author for revision with a request to eliminate errors or add missing data. The article may also be rejected due to its inconsistency with the purpose of the journal, lack of originality or low scientific value.

         After the preliminary review, the responsible editor submits the article to the reviewer with an indication of the deadline for review. The author is notified within 24 hours.

         The editor can involve several specialists as well as the editor-in-chief in the review process in controversial cases. If the reviewer's opinion is positive, the article is handed over to the editor for preparation for publication.  If there is no reaction from the editorial board, the article is considered approved.

      Attention! All sections related to article metadata should be given in English or Russian!


  • Font size (Times New Roman) - pin size: 12
  • Line spacing -1.15
  • NAME
  • Academic degree and place of work
  • Title of paper
  • If the paper is in English, one Microsoft Word summary page in Russian.
  • If the article is in Russian, the summary is on a Microsoft Word page.
  • All references in the text are to references given in square brackets-[-].
  • Receiving articles - daily.
  • Diary publication schedule - monthly.
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       Sincerely, the editor-in-chief of "Caucasus & World"