North Caucasus aborigine population in VII-IX centuries Adighe-Zikhes and different states of Dagestan


  • Gumashvili Zaur



The Zikhes, Tetraksides, Black sea, The Maskuts, Derbent


The article sets out howthe formation process of Aborigen population - Adighe-Zikhes and Dagestan as astate, had developed in North Caucasus in VII-IX centuries.For that period, Adyghes occupied black sea coast in the South-East of Tamans peninsula which had been ruled by Gothic-Tetraksite.  the mentioned process served to strengthen Zikhes tribe, which became quitsignificant and prominentevenearlier  in 1st century BC. In VIII century there appear plenty of state units in the territory of Dagestan as a result of society development. The “kingdoms” such as Tabasaran, Sarir, Kaitag, Gumukand atc. become established. These political units owned the territories of Dagestan main ethnic groups. Within these political units went  formation process of Dagestan Main ethnos.


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