Intercultural relations in the education of ancient Georgia

Intercultural relations in the education of ancient Georgia


  • Giorgi Makharashvili LSI St. Khichauri Educational University named after Tbel Abuserisdze



Intercultural relations in the education of ancient Georgia


I consider the conference to be a means of recording, evaluating what has been done, sharing experience, and new ideas. From this point of view, I got acquainted with the theme of the Telavi conference, and the first thing that I remembered was the study of foreign experience related to educational reform by Gaios the Rector and adapting it to the needs of his school.

The experienced situation made me decide to investigate the heritage of intercultural relations in the educational space of ancient Georgia. At the beginning, I conducted a study related to the attitude of the school community towards intercultural dialogues. The study covered Upper Adjara: Khulo, Keda, Shuakhevi. The results of the research turned out to be better than expected: the development of family tourism required the study of intercultural relations.


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ს. ყაუხჩიშვილი - ბერძნულ ლიტერატურის ისტორია ტ.II თბილისი 1949.

შ. ნუცუბიძე - ქართული ფილოსოფიის ისტორია ტ. I თბილისი 1956

კ. კეკელიძე - ძველი ქართული ლიტერატურის ისტორია ტ I თბილისი 1960

ს. გამსახურდია - სწავლა-განათლება ძველ საქართველოში თბილისი 1975

მ. დარჩია - გაიოზ რექტორი




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