For authors

                                                                               Paper Title

                                                        Name Surname[1], Name Surname2*


A single paragraph of about 200-400 words, no figures, no photos, no tables, no formulas, no subsections, no References (TNR, 10 pt, Justified). The abstract should briefly introduce the manuscript. For introduction highlight the purpose of the study. Briefly describe the main methods or treatments applied; Summarize the article’s main findings; indicate the main conclusions or interpretations.

Keywords: 4-6 words or phrases, separated by commas and not to exceed 2 lines


Should provide main context of the paper (TNR; 11 pt; Spacing: Single; Justified). Paper size: A4. References should be cited in the text as [1]. In case of several reference [2,3] or [2-5].

Methods and Materials

This part of the paper includes the study area too. All tables should be editable (avoid image files). The title should be written above the table.


All figures and tables should be cited in the main text as Fig. 1, Table 1, etc. All figures and photos should be in Tiff or JPG file with high resolution (no less than 300 dpi).

                                                                 Figure 1. Georgian Geographical Journal

The title should be below the figure, outside of it and be editable (avoid image files). If there are multiple panels authors are encouraged to use the example below.

                                                                                                          Table 1. This is an example of table


                                                    Figure 2. Example of multiple figures

All formulas should be according to the template shown below, the numbers should be put in brackets after each formula, no image format. Formula must be typed in Math Type equation editor.

  Subsection (name)

Author(s) can divide the resalt section into the subsections.


Authors should discuss the results in the broadest context possible.


Papers without conclusion won’t be accepted.

Competing interests

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Authors’ contribution

A.B. and C. D. conceived of the presented idea. L.G. and I. K. performed the analytic calculations. E.F. took the lead in writing the manuscript. All authors provided critical feedback and helped shape the research, analysis and manuscript.


This research [] has been supported by….