Pharmacognostic research of the over-ground parts of Angelica adjarica


  • Bojadze A.
  • Nersezashvili M.
  • Megulashvili N.
  • Chincharadze D.
  • Berashvili D.


Angelica adjarica M. pimen represents Georgian endemic species, spread through the mountainous Adjara, in the forest fields and grassy slopes of the middle, upper and subalpine zone, at 900-1900 meter from the sea level. The plant is reported in the Red Book, also it is mentioned among random and extinguishable species in the 2010-2014 regional development strategy of Adjara autonomic republic. There are only a few data regarding the chemical composition and biological activity of Angelica adjarica M. pimen. Also, the methodology for identification and qualitative index is not established yet. The aim of the research was to search for identification methods and some qualitative index with macroscopic, microscopic and phytochemical analyses. As a result of the research, morphological signs and anatomic peculiarities of the over-ground parts of Georgian endemic plant Angelica adjarica has been found via macroscopic and microscopic study. In addition, some qualitative properties of plant material have been identified, such as: humidity - 8.5%; ash - 7.85%. More than 60 chemical compounds were found in the ethanol extract of the over-ground parts of Angelica adjarica via the gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric (GC-MS/MS) method. Among the compounds coumarins, organic acids, terpenic compounds are identified. Each of these substances has confirmed biological activity. Therefore, mentioned plant material is a perspective for further studies, in order to be used in medicine.


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