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Gurgenidze, M., Asatiani, G., Pipia, E., & Kochiashvili, K. (2023). MULTIPLE DIVERTICULA OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT AND SERIES OF SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS . Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 61–64. Retrieved from


The incidence of simultaneous diverticula in the large intestine and the small intestine is approximately 20% to 70%. The incidence of small bowel diverticula ranges from 0.06% to 1.3%. Up to 15% of all patients with diverticulosis will experience a complication of bleeding diverticula in their lifetime. At the same time, information about the simultaneous complications of diverticula of different localization is very scarce. This article describes an interesting case of a patient with multiple diverticula of the duodenum, small and large intestines. The disease was complicated first by profuse bleeding from all three areas of localization of diverticula, and then, alternate perforation occurred in two places of small intestinal diverticula. First, due to the ineffectiveness of conservative measures, due to ongoing bleeding, a total colectomy was performed. Then a relaparotomy was performed to control bleeding from three duodenal diverticula, as well as from small bowel diverticula. Two duodenal diverticula were sutured and the third was excised. A resection of the part of the small intestine was performed. During the same hospitalization, surgery was performed twice more for perforation of diverticula of the small intestine. In multiple literary materials it is difficult to find a combination of the above-described diversity of localization of diverticula and a series of serious complications.



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