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Gadabadze, M., Kandashvili, T., Gadabadze, Q., Geldiashvili, M., & Kiphshidze, S. (2023). CHARACTERISTICS OF HEMOPHAGOCYTIC SYNDROME PROGRESSION. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 26–29. Retrieved from


Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is frequently associated with multiorgan damage. HLH most commonly occurs in the context of malignancies, infectious, and rheumatic diseases, with approximately 20% of cases having an unknown etiology (63). This study discusses the first HLH treatment protocol developed in 1994, referred to as “HLH-94,” and its subsequent revision in 2004, referred to as the “HLH-2004” protocol. The authors of this study also discuss the essential components of initial, specific therapy for HLH. The authors describe the clinical anamnesis of patients with secondary hemophagocytic syndrome, the course of the disease, the treatment administered, and the outcome of the condition in patients seen at the TSMU First University Clinic over the past year. In the cases presented, the diagnosis of hemophagocytic syndrome was delayed, resulting in poor patient outcomes. A complete retrospective analysis of the data was not possible due to the patients’ short follow-up period. In conclusion, a timely diagnosis of HLH and the initiation of appropriate treatment are crucial in determining the outcome of the disease.



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