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Aladashvili, A., Nikabadze, M., Barjadze, Z., Tsagareishvili, E., & Chinchaladze, A. (2023). REPEATED CYTOREDUCTIVE SURGERY WITH HIPEC FOR PERITONEAL PSEUDOMYXOMA: CASE REPORT. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 12–13. Retrieved from


Female patient, 52 was diagnosed with PMP. In May 2018 was performed following cytoreduction, HIPEC was performed with closed abdominal technique. The chemotherapeutic agents were dissolved in 4.2 liters of perfusion solution to match the volume of the abdominal cavity, and intraperitoneal chemotherapy was administered at 41°C for 90 minutes. Mitomycin C was used in (12 mg/m2). Technical aspects of cytoreductive surgery by Sugarbaker: Right subdiaphragmatic and parietal peritonectomy, left subdiaphragmatic and parietal peritonectomy, omentectomy, pelvic cholecystectomy, appendectomy. Unfortunately, patient had developed recurrence after treatment in December 2018 and underwent repeated cytoreduction and HIPEC. We have described a case of a female patient who developed aggressive PMCA, with a misleading clinical presentation. There is no consensus regarding the proper management of aggressive cases. Recent studies support that cytoreduction with peritonectomy plus HIPEC is a safe procedure that suggests an improvement in the survival rates, even in aggressive cases.



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