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Azmaiparashvili, G., Megreladze, A., Bolkvadze, A., Goletiani, M., & Gvazava, A. (2023). SURGICAL TREATMENT OF NON-PARASITIC GIANT CYST OF THE LIVER . Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 56, 6–9. Retrieved from


The paper describes a rare case of a non-parasitic giant cyst of the liver, the volume of the cyst was 9 liters and it caused deviation of the surrounding organs. Elective operation was performed through a mid laparotomy approach. A giant liver cyst occupied the right half of the abdominal cavity, descended to the small pelvis, and was in strong adhesions with omentum, large pelvis, stomach, and transverse colon. The cyst was emptied, 9 liters of oozing contents were obtained. The walls of the giant cyst were excised as much as possible, sutured, and the remaining small cavity was drained after treatment with a concentrated betadine solution. The operation was performed without complications. No postoperative complications were noted. The patient spent 6 days in the clinic. 8 weeks after the operation, the patient underwent a control ultrasound: no fluid collection in the abdominal cavity or liver was noted. Histopathological findings: simple giant liver cyst.



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