• Tsiskarishvili N. ცისკარიშვილი ნ.
  • Katsitadze A. კაციტაძე ა.
  • Tsiskarishvili N. ცისკარიშვილი ნ.
  • Tsiskarishvili Ts. ცისკარიშვილი ც.
  • Chitanava L. ჭითანავა ლ.



The paper presents the modern data concerning the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and its impact on the structure and function of the skin at various dermatoses. The possibilities of non-drug treatment of dermatoses using different UV spectrum are described. Particular attention is paid to the study of the most effective and safe method for treatment by means of narrow-wave phototherapy with a maximum emission at a wavelength of 311 nm (UVB - 311). The results of the comparative analysis of efficacy and safety of PUVA photochemotherapy and phototherapy UVB -311, on examples of some specific nosologic units (psoriasis, parapsoriasis, vitiligo, mycosis fungoides, photodermatosis, atopic dermatitis)  are presented. Based on analysed data, authors conclude that UVB -311 nm is an effective, well-tolerated, safe and alternative method for treatment of chronic dermatoses.  The brief review of the available in literature data, allow authors to make conclusion about the possibility of widespread implementation of phototherapy method in practical dermatology.


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