• Pruidze N. ფრუიძე ნ.
  • Khetsuriani R. ხეცურიანი რ.
  • Shukakidze A. შუკაკიძე ა.
  • Mamardashvili N. მამარდაშვილი ნ.
  • Sanikidze T. სანიკიძე თ.



The purpose of the study was  the determination of the viability (tolerance) of red blood cells in  different age groups.The blood from volunteers of  different age was stored at -17 ° C during various periods of time (1day, 20, 40 and 60 days).  As the result of the study it was found that red blood cells of  young volunteers are much more resistant (tolerant) compared to the red blood cells of  elderly volunteers.Red blood cells of older volunteers after longterm storage  suffer hemolysis , which is manifested by reducing of their number and can be related to the human agedependent alterations of the red blood cell  membrane protein composition.


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