• Gvilava I. გვილავა ი.
  • Ormotsadze G. ორმოცაძე გ.
  • Kiparoidze S. კიპაროიძე ს.
  • Giorgobiani M. გიორგობიანი მ.
  • Sanikidze T. სანიკიძე თ.



The purpose of the study was an investigation of the radioprotective activity of citrus polimetoxilated flavonoids extract in an animal model system. The intensification of oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in the X- rays irradiated rats was detected, that was revealed by intensive LOO - production and inactivation of antioxidant enzymes (catalase and SOD) in the animal’s blood. Intensification of lipoperoxidation shows periodic character (after 1 and 4 days), that is due to X- rays initiated intensification of secondary oxygen and lipids free radical production after some days after irradiation. 7-day treatment of irradiated rats with the extract of citrus polimetoxilated flavonoids induced decrease of intensivity of lipoperoxides production and normalization of activity of antioxidant enzymes. Based on the analysis of the investigation results we suggested that the citrus polimetoxilated extract revealed antioxidant activity.


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გვილავა ი. G. I., ორმოცაძე გ. O. G., კიპაროიძე ს. K. S., გიორგობიანი მ. G. M., & სანიკიძე თ. S. T. (2019). ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF CITRUS POLIMETOXILATED FLAVONOIDS EXTRACT. TSMU COLLECTION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS, 49, 26–28.

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