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Kikvadze , Z., Tchumburidze , T., & Imnadze , N. (2023). DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIAMONITORING SOP FORPHARMACOVIGILANCE PURPOSE. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 90–94. Retrieved from


During the pandemic, the main focus of the populationwas on social networks and various types of websites. Theyhave become the main means of information exchange andhuman communication.To be closer to their customers and patients many localor foreign companies, including their representative officesin our country, decided to utilize such opportunity and cre-ate special web pages in several social chains and media. Itis also important that the company has the opportunity tolearn about the displeasures and complaints associated witha specific product or service provided by the company.During our study was created the Standard OperationProcedure for Social Media screening, the demand for suchdevelopment was due to the need for pharmaceutical com-panies to get true and useful information from population.The main points of study in SOP development were the in-formation given in Social Media about medicines or otherservices, what is the principle of the screening: which key-words are effective, and what is the frequency of monitor-ing, in purpose to gather the information about product orservice effectiveness and safety profile creation. Also wastaken into consideration the local legislation rules of infor-mation transmission to Health Authorities - timeframes andtype of notification.Based on the study of the different characteristics, forexample, the style of pharmacovigilance procedures andpharmaceutical companies’ specifics of activity was devel-oped the SOP for Social Media monitoring. Currently, SOP isimplemented in one subject, and we do hope it improves thegathering of the information about side effects and adversereactions caused by products obtained by the company. Therapid exchange of information is important to improve theHealthcare Service, which is impossible without well-estab-lished Pharmacovigilance System.      


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