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Bakradze , A., Vadachkoria , Z., & Kvachadze , I. (2023). CLINICAL, CEPHALOMETRIC ANDELECTROPHYSIOLOGIC CORRELATESOF ORTHODONTIC ASSESSMENT INORAL BREATHING. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 23–27. Retrieved from


Aim of the present study was complex assessment ofcephalometric and electrophysiologic characteristics of mas-ticatory muscles (right and left temporalis and right and leftmasseter) in light of orthodontic status in oral breathers.The study selected 15 individuals in the age range of 18-35, with average being 25. All participants exhibited oralbreathing, had permanent dentition with all second molarsand a minimum of 28 natural teeth in total. None of them hadany systemic somatic, neurological or endocrine diseases orclinically manifested nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses or ton-sillar disorders. Informed consent was obtained from all par-ticipants. The study was conducted on masseter and tempo-ralis mascles bilaterally.Following procedures were applied to the participants toidentify breathing pattern: mirror test, Massler’s water reten-tion test, Massler and Zwemer cotton test.Clinically, the presence of malocclusion was diagnosedby Angle’s classification. As part of the study, teleroentgen-ograms were taken in lateral projection.Based on the findings of the study, significant correla-tion between breathing pattern and electromyographic indi-cators (whose degree of quantitative accuracy is far beyondthat of functional tests for identifying breathing type) al-lows the possibility of applying the latter separately for theassessment of a breathing pattern. Yet, using the two above-mentioned methods in combination is well grounded formaking individual recommendation on close monitoring of abreathing pattern or, if needed on appropriate treatment, start-ing from the very childhood. This per se can ward off disor-ders of masticatory muscles, occlusion and jaw develop-ment which is one of the essential preconditions for func-tional as well as aesthetic and psycho-emotional develop-ment


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