There is currently a new reality in the Caucasus

There is currently a new reality in the Caucasus




Georgian-Russian relations, media, publication, Russifying regime


Georgian-Russian relations  always was the subject of discussion by Georgian society. Even in the 19th century, in their publications, they discussed and analyzed the problems that appeared in their relationship.

 Russia was always against Georgia. Georgian publicists in letters and articles expose the chauvinistic actions of the Russians, their criminal behavior.

The purpose of the 19th century press was to fight against the Russifying regime and to stir up the ideas of freedom in the Georgian nation.  Georgian media often mentioned, that Russian policy destroyed many countries and the same will happen in Georgia. Russia prefers only the political side of the problem.

Russian media is trying to produce Russian propaganda and stir up fear of the war with Russia. The population of Georgia is in danger. If the country joins the North Atlantic Alliance, He will lose South Ossetia and Abkhazia forever.


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Author Biography

Maka Dolidze, David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia

Associate Professor


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