Spiritual foundations of socio-political activities of women in Uzbekistan


  • Makhruya Khakimova Senior Lecturer of the Department "Humanities" "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization" National Research University (Uzbekistan)




права женщин, политическая активность, гендерное равенство, духовно-нравственные ценности, семейные отношения, воспитание детей


   The article discusses legal acts adopted in the republic to ensure the rights and interests of women, strengthen their position in society, and recognize them as important participants in development. It also provides facts about the work done. The protection of women's rights in our republic, the strengthening of their place in society are reflected in the opportunities provided to them. The decrees and resolutions adopted in this direction are an opportunity for their comprehensive support.In our country, there is an increase in the level of political and legal culture and social activity of women in all levels of state and public administration, the judicial and legal system, the activities of non-governmental organizations, social systems, in general, in all spheres of public life. First of all, the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the action strategy for 2017-2021, the law “on guarantees of equal rights and opportunities for women and men”, and then the “strategy for achieving gender equality in Uzbekistan until 2030” serve as the basis for ensuring the activity of women in social and political processes. As evidence, we can cite the fact that the number of women in the Senate and the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis meets world standards. In addition, the growing number of women among specialists in all fields, their performance of official duties on an equal basis with men testify to the level of gender equality in the Republic. Sufficient work has also been done in the Republic to provide housing for those in need of social protection, the disabled, and women with many children. By providing them with jobs, allocating preferential loans, and providing subsidies, women were given opportunities for self-realization in society. "Women's Notebook" was organized and socially protected. The State has also allocated additional funds to train women in additional professions and organized training courses. The establishment of the badge "Mo'tabar ayol", the State Prizes named after Zulfiya is an expression of the recognition of women in society. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that girls who receive a state grant receive an additional place in higher education. Subsequent state control over their employment is the basis for the protection of their rights. Respect for women in society ensures that the next generation of this society will be healthy, educated and modern.


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