Adaptation processes between local residents and newcomers


  • Gulnar Bashirova



Azerbaijan, Sumgayit, city, miqration, process


As known, in the modern world, demographic processes radically affect not only the socio-economic, but also the socio-political life of not only individual countries, but entire mega-regions. Recent events on the Polish-Belarusian border show that these processes can also be used as instruments of political and diplomatic pressure. At the same time, demographic processes play the role of a very significant factor in the internal life of individual countries. And in this, the Republic of Azerbaijan is no exception. Among demographic problems, a special place is also occupied by the adaptation of migrants to new conditions, as well as the establishment of normal relations between the local population and migrants. This article examines the course and course of adaptation processes between the local urban population of Sumgait and newly arrived migrants. As known, the city of Sumgait has formed from the very beginning as a multinational industrial giant. So-called beneficiaries were sent here from all over the Soviet Union. And after the restoration of state independence, and even before that as a result of the beginning of the Armenian aggression against the Azerbaijanis both in the Armenian SSR and in the NKAO of the Azerbaijan SSR, a significant part of the refugees and internally displaced persons took refuge in Sumgait. As a result of adaptation processes, universal, true human relations have been formed between people living in Sumgait, regardless of their nationality. People of different nationalities have become so friendly that they are free from all forms of national discrimination and feel like members of a loving family. Here moral and ethical values come to the fore. In young cities, where traditional family relations have not yet fully formed, young people belonging to different social groups, different nationalities, differing in profession and education, and sometimes incompatible with habits and personalities, come to family life. Long-term adaptation processes have also contributed to the correct preparation of young people who are full of everyday concerns and belong to a very difficult family life.


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Author Biography

Gulnar Bashirova

Researcher, Museum of Military History of Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan)


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