Criminal Armenia, the world community, double standards, the Second Karabakh War, Turkic-Azerbaijani relations


The Armenian state had occupied 20% of the territory of the Azerbaijan region for nearly 30 years. As a result of the indifferent and double-standard approach of the world community and the OSCE Minsk Group to the war crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan for 30 years, the impunity of this criminal state, which violates international norms and principles at the state level, which stipulates that other states refrain from any actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity, forced Azerbaijan to restore its territorial integrity and sovereign rights through military means. If international pressure was applied to the criminal state of Armenia, this conflict could be resolved in a fundamental and fair manner. The President of the Republic, Muzaffar Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev and the Heroic Azerbaijan Army under his leadership, with the support of our people, defeated Armenia with an iron fist in the 44-day Second Karabakh War on the battlefield, and restored our territorial integrity on the political level through negotiations. After the closed session of the UN Security Council on October 19, 2020, in the draft statement prepared by Russia and France, co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Security Council Resolutions № 4: 822, 853, 874, 884, which reflect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the unconditional removal of Armenian invaders from the lands of Azerbaijan the reference to the resolution was not reflected. The member states of the Non-Aligned Movement took a principled position and did not allow the implementation of this draft Declaration of the OSCE Minsk Group. Brother Turkiye and friend Pakistan, who always stood by and defended Azerbaijan on the path of justice, as well as other partner states, showed behavior that restrained the illegal steps of occupying Armenia and defended our rightful cause, were the decisive factors that ensured the complete victory of Azerbaijan in the Patriotic War. On June 15, 2021, President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Shusha, the cultural center of Azerbaijan and the crown of Karabakh, which was liberated from Armenian occupation on November 8, 2020, and the historically and politically significant Shusha Declaration signed between Turkiye and Azerbaijan are once again proved the highly developed alliance relations between the friend and brother states.


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Doctor of Political Sciences, professor at the Department of Human Sciences of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. (Republic of Azerbaijan)


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