Introduction and Micropropagation study of Georgian lemon in vitro culture

Introduction and Micropropagation study of Georgian lemon in vitro culture




Callus, Morphogenesis, naphthylacetic acid, 2-Isopentenyladenine


Clonal micropropagation is asexual vegetative propagation. In in vitro culture of plant cells, tissues and organs, the resulting plants are genetically identical to the original mother plant. The process of micropropagation is regulated by growth regulators. They stimulate the growth and development of plants, increase their productivity and resistance to diseases. The mechanisms of their action on plants are individual, and a specific method needs to be selected for individual crops. The activity and interaction of 2-isopentyladenine (7; 14; 20 μm) and naphthylacetic acid (3; 5 μm) on the in vitro culture of Georgian lemon is studied.

       The nutrient medium prepared by the Gamborg (B5) formula was used, it contained 30 g/l sucrose and 8 g/l phytoagar, the pH of the food was 5.8. Seeds were selected as the primary material for aseptic culture. As a result of the experiment, it was determined that surface sterilization was successfully carried out using a 0.1% mercuric chloride aqueous solution; Apical bud formation was active in the nutrient area at the ratio of 7 µM 2-IP and 3 µM NAA concentrations, while the formation and development of adventitious buds was intensively noted at the ratio of 20 µM 2-IP and 3 µM NAA concentrations.


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