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Korinteli, I., Korinteli, I., & Darsadze, A. (2023). IMPACT OF EPIDEMIOLOGICAL RESTRICTIONS RELATED TO COVID 19 ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH STATUS. Georgian Scientists, 5(2), 183–186.


Background: In terms of prevention of COVID 19 In Georgia as well as in the World, mobility restriction and vaccination have been given the greatest role. As is known, at this stage, mass vaccination of children is not carried out according to the WHO recommendation, and from the epidemiological point of view, the reduction of mobility is relevant. Objectives: Aim of our research was to determine the impact of online teaching in public schools on the health of children during the COVID 19 pandemic in Georgia. Methods: A prospective study was conducted with closed questionnaire which included 15 closed-questions. Public school pupils and parents were involved in the research. They were selected according to the principle of the so-called snow team. A total of 134  person was participated in the study: 52 pupil /38.8%/ and 82 parents/61.1%/. The survey was conducted anonymously, no personally identifiable information was recorded. Processing and analysis of the results was carried out with the Microsoft Excel package. Conclusions: Restrictions in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic have affected the health status of children. The positive and negative results of the so-called online education were identified. Dermatological complaints (especially rashes) decreased, as well as respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract complaints. As for the endocrine, psycho-emotional sphere and vision. Complaints related to visual impairment have increased. Also, cases of obesity, insomnia, convulsions, dizziness, headaches have increased. In terms of bone-joint system complaints, scoliosis cases have increased.


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