• Chincharadze S. ჭინჭარაძე ს.
  • Vadachkoria Z. ვადაჭკორია ზ.
  • Mchedlishvili I. მჭედლიშვილი ი.




Territorial distribution of cleft lip and palate was studied in the regions of Georgia on the basis of the data for 20062015. During the analyzed period frequency of these malformations was 0.95+0.04 per 1000 live birth. They were unevenly distributed in the territory of Georgia. Most intensively they occurred in the regions of the East Georgia, where prevalence (without Tbilisi) composed 1.71/1000 that is quite high rate. These anomalies were especially widely spread in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, where the rate was reaching 2.25/ 1000. In the West and South Georgia as well as in Tbilisi, cases of cleft lip and palate were much less. In the West Georgia rate of this pathology was no more than 0.70/1000, in Tbilisi – 0.80/1000 and in the South Georgia – 0.89/1000 respectively. Identification of reasons of uneven distribution of cleft lip and palate will have practical implication for their prevention in future.


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