• Chikvatia L. ჩიკვატია ლ.
  • Obgaidze G. ობგაიძე გ.
  • Sulava R. სულავა რ.
  • Zaqradze D. ზაქრაძე დ.



Post-traumatic coxarthrosis belongs to a group of diseases, which develops secondary to pathological processes. Specifically in this case, hip flexion. Causing injury to a variety of reasons, may hip joints develop abnormal changes in bone and cartilage, tendon-muscle or synovial tissue. As a precondition for the normal tissue fibrosis decay or tissue of aseptic necrosis - “draft” of the importance of further symptomatics- severe pain, which may cause the sympathetic innervation of the irritation and the vascular spasm, joint nearby and articular fractures, bone or cartilage damage, which leads to flexion mechanical irritation of the tissue, microtraumatization and necrosis. Articular or joint surrounding hematomas in the area, which in turn is followed by hemarthrosis- fibrin precipitation, aseptic inflammation, synovial pouch of healing schwarts development, loss of elasticity and finally post-traumatic arthrosis of articular capsule.


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