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Cancer and cardiovascular (CVD) diseases are leading public health problems. Among patients diagnosed with cancer, the 5-year relative survival rate has increased significantly, primarily as a result of advances in cancer treatment. However, the drugs used for cancer chemotherapy are cardiotoxic and shorten the average life expectancy despite effective cancer treatment. In this regard, anthracyclines (anti-tumor antibiotics) are noteworthy, which are successfully used in the chemotherapy of lymphomas, solid tumors and certain types of breast cancer. Cardio-toxicity of anthracyclines and their management remains an important challenge in cancer therapy, due to their cytotoxic mechanisms. Different definitions of chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity are used, leading to inconsistencies in the diagnosis and management of the disease. Based on the need to harmonize and refine the definition, a new definition of cancer therapy-related cardiovascular toxicity (CTR-CVT) was developed. In this article, we review the modern aspects related to cancer chemotherapy: definition of cardiotoxicity, pathogenesis, ways of prevention and treatment.



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