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Janjalashvili , T., & Zerekidze , T. (2023). USE OF VECTOR- AND ORTHODONTICTHERAPY IN THE COMPLEXTREATMENT OF PERIODONTITIS(CLINICAL CASE). Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 174–178. Retrieved from


Jaw-facial aesthetics is the primary motivating factor fororthodontic treatment in adolescents and adults. Today, orth-odontic treatment in adults can be part of the therapy ofchronic, multifactorial, inflammatory diseases of the periodon-tal complex. Orthodontic treatment of patients with periodon-tal disease is one of the most difficult tasks in dentistry.Occlusion anomalies aggravate the severity of morphofunc-tional disorders in the periodontium, in turn, periodontalpathology exacerbates the development of occlusion anom-alies. The approach to the treatment of occlusal anomaly inthe presence of periodontal pathology should be complex.Appropriate periodontal treatment helps to remove the in-flammatory signs in the periodontium and prepares the pa-tient for orthodontic treatment, in turn orthodontic treatmenteliminates the functional overload of the dentition and re-stores the chewing efficiency.Case report - The clinical case of a 24-year-old patientresponds to this topic, with complaints of aesthetic discom-fort, bleeding gums and unpleasant odor. Complex treatmentwas planned with the patient - therapeutic, orthodontic andsurgical correction. As part of periodontal therapy, the pa-tient underwent clinical, radiological and laboratory studieson periodontal markers - polymerase chain reaction (PCR).The treatment was carried out by the vector system on theprinciple of “One stage full-mouth disinfection”.For orthodontic treatment the patient underwent: ortho-pantomometry, cephalometry, biometrics of gypsum plastermodels, photometry. For the purpose of gradual straighten-ing of the teeth, a fixed orthodontic appliance with low forceimpact was used, under constant monitoring of the periodon-tal status. Once a month is monitored by an orthodontistand once every three months by a periodontist and onceevery 6 months for vector radiology and prophylaxis, surgi-cal corrective surgery is planned.Conclusion: A multidisciplinary approach is always need-ed in the treatment of complex odonto and periodontal com-plex conditions and the best example of this is ortho-periointeraction.      


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