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Javakhadze , R., Arabidze , M., Qvatatdze , M., Tsimakuridze , M., & Khatiashvili , N. (2023). WORKING CONDITIONS AND HEALTHSTATUS IN JSC “TELIANI VALLEY”TELAVI WINE FACTORY. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 171–173. Retrieved from


Improving the working conditions and health of employ-ees is one of the main preconditions for increasing laborproductivity and, consequently, for the long-term growth ofthe Georgian economy. Georgia is considered to be one ofthe oldest centers of viticulture and winemaking, which isconfirmed by the diversity of aboriginal wild and culturalvarieties. Among the major wine producers in Georgia todayis the Telavi Wine Enterprise of JSC “Teliani Valley”, wherewithin the framework of the state program “Prevention ofOccupational Diseases” was conducted assessment of work-ing conditions and health status of employees. Pollutionwith harmful chemicals, microclimate, noise, lighting, hardwork and tension, working conditions classes were estab-lished for individual places, professions. The research wascarried out using certified equipment, standard methods inforce, hygienic norms and the requirements of “Hygienicclassification of working conditions according to the factorsof the working environment and occupational hazards andhazards” (Order 147 / N 03.05.2007 SSM 6917.05.2007, Annex2). In order to assess the health condition of the employees,medical examinations of specialists and relevant clinical-lab-oratory tests were conducted.Based on the obtained results, working conditions andhealth improvement measures for employees were developedin the form of recommendations


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