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Orjonikidze , Z., Atskvereli , L., Bregadze , O., Chuchulashvili , N., & Tsiklauri , G. (2023). ODONTOGENIC CYSTS OF DIFFERENTGENESIS OF CO-LOCALIZATION OFTHE MAXILLA (CLINICAL CASEREVIEW). COLLECTION OF SCIENTIFIC WORKS OF TBILISI STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, 55. Retrieved from https://journals.4science.ge/index.php/CSW/article/view/1442


The article presents a rare clinical case of odontogeniccysts of co-localization and different genesis and describesthe technique of optimal surgical intervention in similar pa-thologies. The patient, a 61-year-old woman, was admittedto the clinic 6 months after the onset of symptoms of thedisease.Computed tomography of the facial bones revealed afollicular cyst of the right maxillary bone developed from anunerupted third molar, and a radicular cyst developed fromthe periapical tissues of 17 teeth.However, both cysts underwent growth in Highmore’scavity. We were also interested in the fact that within thedentoalveolar prosses, the bone space of both cysts wereunited, with medio-distal touch surfaces, and each of themopened independently at the base in the cavity of Highmore.The patient came to the clinic because of a purulent cysticabscess, which caused pain and swelling of the soft tissuessurrounding the upper jaw.Since both cysts formations were localized to the sameprojection and both experienced an increase in the High-more entrails, it was considered technically justified to openboth operative fields at the same wide rate - from the esoph-agus to the tuber, producing trapezoidal debris. Simultaneousclosure of both oro-antral fistulas was performed by mobili-zation of this tissue mass.      


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