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Metreveli , T., Mikadze , T., Iverieli , M., Kobakhidze , K., & Gogishvili , K. (2023). FREQUENCY OF THE MALOCCLUSIONIN PATIENTS WITH PERIODONTALDISEASE. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 55, 105–108. Retrieved from


The aim of our research was to determine the frequencyof malocclusion in patients with different stages and levelsof periodontal disease. For this purpose were investigated348 patients under age from 20 to 50 years. Among them, 189females (54,31%) and 159 males (45,69%).From 348 investigated patients stage I grade A of peri-odontitis were observed in case of 218 (62,64%) patients,stage I grade B in case of 42(12,06%), stage II grade A incase of 26 (7,47%), stage II grade B in case of 22 (6,32%)and stage III grade B in case of 12 (3,45%) patients, stage IIIgrade C in case of 24 (6,91%) patients, stage IV grade C incase of 4 (1,15%). There were no cases of stage IV grade B.From 348 investigated patients orthognathic bite was ob-served in case of 70 (20,11%), whereas malocclusion wasobserved in case of 278 (79,89%), including deep bite incase of 72 (20,68%), open bite – 30 cases (8,62%), distal bite– 34 cases (9,77%), mesial bite – 12 cases (3,45%), crossbite - 16 cases (4,6%). Teeth crowding in case of 90 (25,88%)patients, frontal teeth protrusion – 24 cases (6,89%).In conclusion, complex approach of periodontology/orth-odontics is necessary to get a long-term result in presenceof malocclusion in patients with periodontal disease


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