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Khatiashvili, K., Napetvaridze, E., Tavlalashvili, N., Kvitashvili, M., & Gegeshidze, T. (2019). NEW FINDINGS IN HEPATITIS C VIRUS GENOTYPE DISTRIBUTION IN GEORGIA. Collection of Scientific Works of Tbilisi State Medical University, 51, 127–128.


        Hepatitis C is a widespread disease worldwide, which has very severe prognosis. Treatment with modern antiviral therapeutic drugs has dramatically changed prognosis of treatment result and outcome, and nowadays it is possible to cure approximately 95% of all patients. HCV genotypes 1, 2, 3, (genotype 4 is less common) are most prevalent in Georgia. Determination of the genotypes is clinically important in order to determine the therapeutic scheme. For that reason 749 patients registered in the STOP-C national program have been studied. Among them 141 (18,8%) were women, 608 (81,2%) men. Genotype study has revealed that genotype 1 was the most prevalent and comprised 320 (42,7%) cases, next most prevalent was genotype 3 in 263 (35,1%) cases, genotype 2 was responsible for 166 (22,2%) cases. As the data indicate the vast majority of all patients were infected with genotype 1 (42,7%). However this proportion is less in comparison with the data received from the similar studies conducted in previous years (2000-2003years). According to gender distribution of HCV genotype prevalence genotype 1 was dominant in women (68%) far exceeding genotype 2 and 3 prevalence. In men oppositely prevalence of genotypes 1and 3 is almost the same (39,2% and 36,8% respectively). In conclu sion, studying and analysing of HCV genotyping has revealed that genotype 1 is still most prevalent in Georgia, however the difference between genotype 1 and 3 is relatively reduced. These results are important to consider during selection of the DAA-based treatment scheme and for prognosis of treatment outcome.


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