ABOUT DEMENTIA: Print version was published: EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL MEDICINE N 4 (2017)


Print version was published: EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL MEDICINE N 4 (2017)


  • Shorena Vashadze




 Dementia is a general term used to describe a loss of memory that keeps getting worse - or is 'progressive'. There can be many different causes, they will all involve loss of memory, but they have other symptoms which are different according to the cause. Dementia often starts off with just memory problems, but can also involve:  difficulty planning and carrying out day-to-day tasks, difficulty communicating  and changes in mood,   judgement or personality. Aim of this article is to identify spread of dementia in 200  patients  who have not been diagnosed before . Research was done in ONCO center of Adjara during 2014-2015 , involved 200 patients , female-130 , male-70, . For diagnosis of dementia we studied anamnesis, physical data, psychic and cognitive development of patient, family members were questioned often because of the difficulties patients had to explain symptoms they experienced. All patients had CT scan and evaluated bey Vavilov Method. Arterial Hypertension ,Discirculatory encephalopathy -171, Cancer-5 , Parkinson disease-10 , endocrine disorders-14 , family history of dementia -3 were noted in patients . From 200 patient examined 170 were diagnosed with dementia , Light dementia(10%). experienced memory deterioration Average quality dementia (55%)  , During severe dementia (35%). Some risk factors for dementia, such as genetics and  age .  Cannot be changed. but researchers continue to explore the impact of other risk factors on brain health and prevention of dementia.


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