For the Decoding of a Proverb in a Speech Act

For the Decoding of a Proverb in a Speech Act


  • Khatuna Tumanishvili



proverb, decoding, metaphorical, speech act, Arabic


As is known a proverb (both formally and semantically) is the micro-model of the life and mentality of the world where it was created and where it operates. Its basic function is grasping the wisdom seen from the viewpoint of the given ethnos – the general regularities. It is figuratively constructed of the specific material which is recorded in “the sensory material of perception” of the given ethnos, i.e. in its experience linked with this specific part of the universe. Therefore, it is difficult to understand fundamentally proverbs of a foreign language and to identify the relevant frames (sphere of use) of the respective general semantic domain. Its study implies (along with that of the language) the study of the ethnic “metaphorical thinking”,  practically ethnopsychology of the people that created it. 


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