• Archvadze B. არჩვაძე ბ.
  • Chanukvadze I. ჭანუყვაძე ი.
  • Sabashvili G., საბაშვილი გ.
  • Khvitia N. ხვიტია ნ.
  • Asatiani E. ასათიანი ე.




The authors have proposed and adopted in clinic a method of treatment of large and giant hydatid cysts of the liver. After dissection of the cyst the method provides for filling up of the cyst cavity with two major flaps created from the adjacent tissues. The method has been used in 20 cases with the patients diagnosed with large and giant hydatid cysts of the liver. In the postoperative period the dynamics of regeneration processes after the filling of the residual cyst cavity were studied according to the discharge from the drains inserted in the cyst cavity. The observations have shown that period of rehabilitation of the patients operated with the mentioned method was generally going on without complications, allowing discharge of patients from hospital within. 6 days, while the process of outpatient follow-up care didn’t exceed three weeks. The method is distinguished by minimum number of complications and not a single case of lethality.


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